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At the Scene of an Accident

Auto Accident Attorney Stockton | Stockton Auto Accident Lawyer | Auto Accident Attorney In Stockton

The scene of the accident is the most crucial point in your personal injury litigation. That is because it is the most recent memory of the event and you must therefore make sure that the information gathered at the scene of the injury is preserved for usage throughout the litigation process. The events that occur right after the accident are just as crucial because it determines whether the injured victim will receive fair and prompt compensation. It is detrimental to be cautious of what you say so it could not later be interpreted as an admission of fault. People often make statements at accident scenes during the heat of the moment that they would not normally make. The main objective is to avoid discussing the cause of the accident.

Do not leave the scene until the police have all of the drivers' information, including the license plate number, name, address, drivers license number, insurance company information and policy number. Furthermore take down the information of any witnesses involved. Even if fault for the accident seems clear, insurance companies can deny claims for practically any reason at all. With a solid eyewitness statement however, they are more likely to be persuaded by truly independent witnesses.

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